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  • Video: Myths & Truths about “There´s Nothing You Can´t Be, Do or Have”
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  • Instructional Video: Simple Movements that Open New Doors in your Brain and Life

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For those of you who don´t know me (yet),  I am a Scandinavian transformational teacher, mentor and expert in feminine leadership.

I (co)authored 7 trendsetting books, among them Shine Your Light, Powerful Practises for an Extraordinary Life (2017) which became a # 1 bestseller on Amazon.

My latest book, The Future is Feminine is on it´s way in English.

I am also a mother of three, who have been in the self development/personal leadership industry for almost 15 years.

In this free gift I share the perhaps most valuable lesson I have learned.

A lesson I think my colleagues talk way too little about considering the huge impact it has on all of us.

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