Thank You!

You are all set to attend “The Feminine Upgrade” 5-day tele-summit, which starts on Wednesday January 1 2020.

I’m thrilled you said yes, because it shows you’re a wise woman, and you see what’s happening around us right now.

You see that the  “feminine power” movement is no longer a shift.

It’s officially a new era.

We have the platform and power to change the conversation from this point forward in a way we’ve never had before.

And that’s what we’ll be diving into during our time together.

You’ll be joining me, Kirsten Stendevad, as I lead you through powerful sessions with renowned special guests, including:

Mama Gena
Janet Attwood
Michael Beckwith
Chris Attwood
and many more!

Each one of these leaders will share spiritual, feminine and masculine perspectives to help you make use of what’s happening right now.

We’ll also dive into:

  • 3 important upgrades that need to happen within the spiritual and “New Age” communities. (A few of the popular paradigms can feel unsupportive when life gets difficult—and they simply won’t stand up in the new era. I’ll show you 3 new upgrades that feel good and serve you better.)

  • How you can feel “switched on” at work, by tapping into your lady parts for more creativity and focus. (If this sounds like fluff to you, get ready for a huge awakening here, sistah! My guest Saida Désilets will share scientific research that will show you why women are biologically wired for innovation and idea generation. You’ll love this!)

  • The two natural superpowers you were born with (that have nothing to do with your gender). Men and women alike have been taught to block, ignore, and devalue these parts of ourselves for years—but when you can tap into them daily, life gets richer and your power and presence will grow.

  • Why motherhood is no longer a career killer–and why it’s crucial you understand how in-demand your new “proud mama” skills really are.

  • What it really means to be a “feminine leader”. (It doesn’t always have to do with a high-powered, executive role). You’ll see how you can shift in your own unique way, so you can express YOUR version of feminine power in your everyday life.

I think you’re going to love what’s in store for you!

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P.S. If you know of other women and men who you think would benefit from this conversation, please do spread the word!

PPS: I believe that if change needs to happen and we shall see a world in balance in our lifetimes, or just leave the world better than we found it, its crucial that women help each other.

I always reward women who do.

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